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    iMovie and iDVD movie size
    One of the things I do with video is to burn a TV show to a RW-DVD (just like the old days with a VCR) and then rip it to iMac, edit with iMovie & reburn to the RW-DVD w. iDVD and also export to view on iPhone so my granddaughter can view her favorite cartoon characters on DVD player in the car or while shopping with us grandparents. Don't think I am doing anything 'wrong' here. Anyway--I find that I am limited to the medium size upon exporting from iMovie. Don't understand why I am not allowed to export in a larger format. Any reasons? TV signals come thru via a cable box and feeds directly into DVD recorder before heading to the TV set.

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    iMovie will only export to formats that your original footage will support, or words to that effect. I'm assuming that your recorded dvd is a standard dvd and not HD? If so then it's resolution will only be 720x480:
    DVD-Video - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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