I'm trying to create a distribution screener of a feature I made, but I'm having a strange problem. It's an older project shot on mini DV. I'm working with an SD ProRes 29.97 mov from an Uncompressed 10-bit source. Both look perfectly fine when playing in Quicktime. But when I load the export into DVD studio pro there are just these two scenes towards the end of the feature that look severely corrupt. They begin twitching and going blurry and pixelated every second in a half or so; a steady rythem. While the problem doesn't appear to be present on the source, the issue does carry over to the DVD. I've had DVDs made previously with the same sources and not had the issue. The raw sources are in a different system and I imagine accessing those will be the only solution. But does anyone know why this might be happening, or how come it only becomes an issue in DVD studio pro? Since the problem doesn't exist in the prores I created, I feel like it SHOULD work, and it would be nice if there was a solution. The project did originate in Abobe Premier (PC land) and was converted and somehow moved into Final Cut by a colleague for color correction (because I needed the project in my system which is FCP/Mac) and that's waht I'm working off of. Still... THOSE appear to be just fine until DVD Studio Pro. I wonder if something happened during the conversion but the results just can't be seen in QT? If anyone has possible explanations or solutions I will be extremely grateful. Thanks in advance!