i am sorry if this has been covered here, but my brother is editing/making his dvd, but he is stuck, we have been, via telephone trying to solve the problem for a few hours, he needs it for the morning which is why i need some very quick help. i have googled and read many pages but i have never used the programme, Final Cut Pro 6. he exported the project into a quicktime file, then burn it using Burn, but it only played audio no picture. it seems that his project contains HD content. so it mentioned compressing. know this is where i stopped as i no nothing about this. he doesn't have Idvd, he has Burn and something called DVD Studio, but when he imported it there it said the quicktime file from Final Cut Pro 6 was unrecognisable.

as i say we need some help really quick, so i will search through this forum whilst waiting. so apologies if i am posting something that has been answered, but any help would be much appreciated. thank you