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    macbook pro to tv no sound from videos
    I have a early 2011 macbook pro and recently bought a tv. I bought a mini display port to HDMI adapter to connect my macbook pro to my tv. For some reason though I do not get any sound through my tv but get a video whenever I view a video on Youtube or videos on any other websites. However when I play a song on my itunes I can hear sound through my TV.

    Anybody know why I can't hear sound through my TV when I play a video from a website but can hear sound when I play song through my itunes?


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    I came across this quote:
    As of October 12th 2012 it's been widely discussed in the Apple Support Communities that Mini DisplayPort has compatibility issues with the HDMI standard. Apple have yet to make an official statement on this.
    Your MPB should send audio out through the MDP. If your TV has a 3.5mm audio socket, try connecting that to the Audio Out on your MBP and see if that works.

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    mine is an older version of the MBP and I found just get a 1 into 2 audio cable to run from your MBP to the TV works pretty good without any problems so far.

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    Or just open System Preferences - Sound and select the TV for the output device.

    edit: As to the issue, can only conjecture since I have not experimented with my newer Mac, that iTunes auto selects an output based on what may be plugged in to the machine and the general system does not. It's been a long standing issue that you need to open up Sound preferences to select the TV for audio when connecting to an HDMI input.
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