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    Question Need free movie editing software
    If you play Minecraft and have watched ExplodingTNT then you will know what I am talking about, if not look here.

    So I want to put in text in whatever font or color anywhere on the screen like ExplodingTNT. No crazy effects or transitions needed. Just simple text, fonts, and colors. It can have more but those are the requirements. It needs to be free. Thats about it... : P

    (Please don't post anything like "I need this too" because it is not helpful in any way)

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    (Please don't post anything like "I need this too" because it is not helpful in any way)
    These are peer to peer volunteer forums. You can accept or reject any response or suggestion that you wish, however, telling folks not to post something because it won't be helpful to you is impolite and likely will not get you many replies.

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