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    Looking to buy a canon video cam
    I am looking to buy a Canon video camera, I haven't looked very deeply into it yet but I need something that takes relatively high resolution video. It doesn't need to be HD and preferable won't be because I don't want to spend that much. I also don't want to spend over $1000. What do you recommend?

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    Not to get in an argument over brand...but...

    Sony makes the best cameras hands down. (My hands anyway) I shoot weddings with Sony HDR-FX1s and a DCR-TRV19. They're great cameras.

    If you're not looking to spend over $1000, then look at this. Awesome camera, and with the money you saved you could buy a case, batteries, a wide-angle lens, tripod, etc. etc.

    But if you HAVE to get a Canon due to brand loyalty, look at anything in the Optura line, I've read some good things about the new ones.
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    I would tend to disagree. I've always had problems with Sonys, but nothing but luck in terms of Canons. I own both a now ancient Canon ZR10 (About 5/6 years old, when MiniDV first became mainstream), which is still going strong I might add, and a relatively new Canon Optura 40 (which has been since replaced with the 60). For the money, the Canons offer superior picture quality. Their cameras are of excellent build quality and get along very well with the macs. Let me know if you have any specific questions about the model, as I can go into more detail if necessary.

    I would also like to add that I would reccommend avoiding Panasonic at ALL COSTS. It may just be me, but every Pani that I've ever heard stories about doesn't have a good ending whatsoever. They may sell those 3CCD's for unbelieveably low prices, but remember; you get what you pay for. And with the Canon, that is nothing but a high quality product.
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    I also would recommend Canon. I have a Canon Optura 20, I works very well in natural light situations (existing room lighting).
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    I have a Canon ZR25. My brothers each have bought newer Canons. I and the next brother down have had good luck with them, but the youngest has had problems with his two. From our collective experience it would suggest a 50% failure rate. But I think it likely the youngest brother stresses his camera more. Sand from the beach doesn't play well with the internal parts for instance.

    Without going to HD, I don't understand how you'll get high resolution beyond the normal DV standard. But, to get a better quality picture, perhaps you can find a 3CCD camera for less than a grand?

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