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    Need Help with burning homemade movie to DVD :)
    I am new to the imac and imovie. I made a movie about a half hour long. It has video clips, various music clips that go with the video and some photos at the end with music. It is for a Christmas gift and I need to get it onto a DVD. I thought it would be simple but not so much. I do not have idvd which I just found out. I do have adobe premiere that I could install if there is a way to get it transferred over. When trying to export to quicktime (an option I read on google) it keeps failing and saying iMovie quit unexpectedly. PLEASE HELP!! This movie took a long time and I would just love to be able to have it on a DVD. Thanks!!! Do I need to "finalize" the movie to get it to work? Do I need to buy a program? Why does it keep quitting?

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    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    I edited your title for clarity. A title with only "help" doesn't tell us a thing about your problem and as you can well imagine, lots of folks need help when posting in our forums.

    OK, now let's see if we can help you. Download and install the free program called "Burn" from here: LINK With this program, you should be able to burn your movie to DVD. Be sure to read the help file instructions.

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