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Thread: can I import footage from iMovie 11 into iMovie HD

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    can I import footage from iMovie 11 into iMovie HD
    I have iMovie 11 and just completed a fusion wedding video. I burned it to disc and the quality is heinous! I shoot with a Canon T1i which has full HD video recording. The video on my camera is amazing, and the finished product once burned to DVD is awful. The only thing that looks great on the DVD are the menus :-(

    I am supposed to meet with bride tomorrow to deliver finished product and cannot do it! It just looks THAT bad!! My images and footage are all pixelated and look terrible. Any thought as to how I can "save" this video while using iMovie 11?

    I do have a copy of iMovie HD and am wondering how much work is it to get my stills and footage into HD and still get it done on time! Is there any easy answer?

    I have put an insane amount of work into this video... thanks for any suggestions.


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    You can't import an iMovie11 Project into iMovie6HD.

    How did you make your dvd? Remember, that if you burnt it on your Mac then it will be just standard definition and not HD. Standard dvds are only 720x576/480.

    If you want an HD dvd, then you'll need an external BluRay/HD burner and a program like Toast:
    Roxio Toast 11 Titanium - CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Burning Software Program for Mac

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    How does the video look on your computer? Did you keep the project in HD while you were working with it?

    MightyGem has correctly identified the problem -- you downscaled your video TREMENDOUSLY burning it to a standard DVD.

    If the footage looks good in iMovie (and I presume it did or you wouldn't have put "an insane amount of work" into it) -- save the movie in an HD-supporting format (preferably AIC or ProRes, but MP4 should be fine for the bride) and put it on a thumb drive or something. Show it to her on a computer, not on a DVD. This will buy you time to get the footage burned to a Blu-Ray OR ...

    ... to go back and re-work the job with the video downscaled from the start so there is no quality loss when you burn the (standard) DVD. There are a number of programs that can scale the video down more gracefully. You can try converting with VLC or MPEG Streamclip or VisualHub (if you have it, discontinued) or similar programs.

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