I am a super senior dabbling in 2d animation.I have a macbook pro and animestudio debut9.

I am keen to tell stories for present my audio of a story is accompanied by static pictures.more like a slide show. i want simple 2d animation.
to study the tutorials is very difficult at my age.I want somebody to tell me step by step
how to do a simple project like the following.i wil take it up from there.
Project: The lion and his advisors.
Scene1:lion and lioness.
.lion approaches the lioness.
lioness shouts"you have a terrible breadth"
lion walks away
lion calls his advisors-deer,wolf and fox
lion asks the deer
deer tells the truth
lion kills the der
lion asks the wolf
wolf praises the lion
lion kills the wolf
lion asks the fox
fox says something
lion allows the fox to walk away
How does the fox escape?
I would like to import silhoutte pictures of the animals

2 questions:
How to convert the photos into a silhoutte
How to tell the above story with simple 2d animation.

I have 50 such stories to tell

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
I live in morris plains,nj.if i anybody is willing to give me personal tution
i am willing to compensate for the time.

time is running out for me