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    Handbrake Not Ripping Full Movie

    I am a newbie here and have been searching past posts for an answer to my question. Therefore, if it has been asked before, I apologize for the repeat post.

    I got a iPod video for Christmas and have been having a lot of fun ripping movies from my DVDs (that I own) to put on my iPod for viewing. I use Handbrake and it has been easy as pie.

    However, I find that some movies are not being ripped to completion. When I open Handbrake and have it open the DVD folder, I never change the Title section as it usually chooses the movie in its entirety (the default #1 spot). It usually rips the whole movie, but I noticed with some DVDs it does not.

    Do I need to have Handbrake rip each and every title in this case? It would be quite tedious if the movie has many titles. It does show all the chapters in the Chapter area and I usually leave this alone also.

    Any help or suggestions is most appreciated!

    Thank you.

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    Just make sure that you choose the title that contains the actual movie file. It's usually the first, or the longest. You shouldn't have to change the chapter box, just set it between 1 and the total number of chapters.

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    i had that problem with one movie (GLADIATOR) so i just didnt do it. the rest worked fine.

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    Thanks for the Suggestions
    I noticed that if some of my DVDs are are scratched on the surface of the movie side of the DVD Handbrake chokes and does not want to continue the process.

    I've tried it with several dvds and noticed that this seems to be true.

    So take care of those DVDs and put them back into their cases!

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    get MTR.. then run that thru it

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    Quote Originally Posted by thelox714
    get MTR.. then run that thru it
    What is "MTR"? Remember, I'm a newbie.


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    MTR is Mac The Ripper. Great DVD Ripping program.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtravis7
    MTR is Mac The Ripper. Great DVD Ripping program.

    Ahh, got it. I did try that. MTR gave me the same issue because the scratch was still in the same place in the movie. It only ripped up to that same point that Handbrake also stopped at.

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