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Thread: MacBook Pro (retina) Question

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    MacBook Pro (retina) Question
    Hello MacForums,

    I would much appreciate your help. I am an aspiring film student and I am looking to get a mac book pro with retina display for my school work. I will be running adobe master collection cs6.

    So my question is, between the 13 and 15 in, which size would best be suited? I also want to take notes and stuff, but my concern is accessibility with travel, i dont want it to be too small that its fragile, but not so big its lunky and hard to handle

    As well is there a certain memory capacity i should get with this computer for film editing purposes (as well as music and the such) I think the options are 128, 512, and like 728 (im ball parking)

    Any advice would be wonderful,

    Thank you very much,


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    Unless you have the budget to afford the larger Solid State/Flash drive (minimum 512GB), I wouldn't bother with the Retina... We gets calls at least every other day from people with the Retina who have too quickly filled up 256GB and/or discovered they don't have enough space to work with the multiple large video or image files they need. If you have the budget to get the Retina and 512GB, go for it, but go for the 15-inch, you'll want the discreet graphics for film work (and 16GB of RAM!).
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    If your going to be editing film and also taking notes, think screen real estate. That means you will be wanting the 15" and its not that big to lug around . . ..
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    So how about retina vs normal macbook? And the best specs for a normal macbook for the film stuff as mentioned above

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    Yeah, I'm not real clear on why you think you NEED the Retina ... undoubtedly it's gorgeous, but I would think your budget would go farther with the "normal" MacBook Pro. Also, the "normal" MBP allows you to add RAM later, a very important consideration.

    I'd suggest the 15" for the same reasons G-Mo did.

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