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    In iMovie Event I select a number of frames that are too dark. I want to us Video Adjustments. When I high light the frames and then go to Video Adjust the entire Event section is highlighted. I do not want to Adjust the entire movie, just the selected frames.

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    In other words, drag the portion of the clip in the Events Library into a Project, and then adjust it.

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    Editing a repetitive movie
    I am editing a talking head movie. It is VERY REPETITVE. I need to fine edit the words, but I am struggling with the precision editor. I can make the bar stop at precisely where I want in Garageband, but can't seem to do that in iMovie. How do I remedy this problem. I think I am not getting how the tools work.

    Also, since it is so repetitive, I want to automatically break it down into clips. 10 minutes of talking head. I need at least 10 equal clips. Is there any way to do this???

    Ugh, so frustrated, clock's ticking...paid project.

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