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    iMovie not recognizing camera

    I have the Sony HDR-CX160 video camera and have been recording clips and editing them in iMovie 09'. Everything has been working fine and I have been able to get clips imported, until this past week whenever I plug my camera in and click Import From Camera in iMovie, it only seems to recognize the Built-in iSight camera. I have tried restarting imovie and reconnecting my camera, but nothing seems to work. I was wondering if there was any way to fix this.

    Thank you so much!

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    This happens with my sony video camera as well. Whenever I plug my camera into my mac, there is a chance it won't work. When this happens to me I just close down imovie, disconnect my camera and wait a few minutes (I don't know if waiting actually helps), then I plug the camera back in and open imovie. Usually a window will automatically pop up saying scanning for devices, then I may have to click on that little button with the video camera on it, then it loads a bit, then it says generating poster images. Sometimes one just has to be very patient to let imovie sort itself out.
    Note: For a while it wouldn't recognize my camera at all, which is what you may be experiencing.
    Hope this was of some help

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