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Thread: Itunes HD 1080P Movies

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    Itunes HD 1080P Movies
    How does Itunes Create a 1080P HD Version of some of the older movies made in the early 90's before there was a SD and HD versions available. Is the !080P HD version just more depicitive of what was originally shot on screen at the time. Is here much differance between the HD and SD versions. I am playing back on 61" Screen.

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    If done 'properly' they create a new digital transfer from the film master.

    Good old analogue film has more than enough information to take both an SD and a HD transfer. Many masters need cleaning up, scratch removal, re-grading etc. So the quality of the transfer depends mainly on the money thrown at the transfer process and the age of the master.

    This is why quality can vary from one HD source to another

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