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    Grabbing VHS to Digital
    Before I moved from windows to Mac I purchased Winstars Ez Grabber so that I could convert my analogue VHS tapes to Digital. I still have the hardware and I thought Winstars had the drivers but I can't find one that works with Debut which I downloaded from NCH. Debut sees my Logitec web camera and the facebook built in camera to my Macbook pro. However, it does not recognise mu VCR recorder. Has anyone got a any idea or suggestions how I can get my Ez Grabber to work with my Macbook. It would be very drustrating if I had to purchase new hardware all over again.

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    You might give VLC a try (free but donations accepted). It works with some capture devices. It can be a bit cumbersome. Also handy to have as a player for files QuickTime refuses to open.
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    Thank you for this but I simply can't get my Ez Grabber hardware to be recognised in any of these programs. It simply shows my inbuilt camera and my external web camera but not the capture hardware. Any suggestions

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    You need drivers for that piece of hardware and this list shows that Win-star only has drivers for their video capture devices for Windows. So you are most likely out of luck as far as Windows is concerned.

    You do have a couple of options, you could try Windows within a Virtual Machine and see if the drivers/video hardware works through that. If not, then you'll have to use Boot Camp and install Windows on your Mac and then use the drivers/device there..
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    Thanks again for this. I suspected this might be the case. I am determined not to use windows again so I think I will have to abandon using this hardware and consider something specific to Mac - but thank you for the advice.

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