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    How to burn .MOV onto DVD that will play on MAC/Windows or via menu on home DVDplayer
    I have a .MOV file that I want to burn onto a DVD that will be easily played on computers as well as most standalone home DVD players (on a TV).

    So far I have used Disk Utility on my Macbook to burn a DVD+R that successfully plays on both Macs and Windows, but it does not play on my home DVD player (I may have burned it at too high a recording speed and I intend to try again at a slower speed).

    Besides the mechanics of simply burning a DVD, I need to create this DVD for a client who intends to duplicate it and send them to customers, so the distributed DVDs must easily play on either Macs or Windows AND on home DVD or Blue-ray players.

    Plus, for playback on a home DVD or Blue-ray player I'd like to be able to add a nice menu interface, so hopefully any recommended software package can help me there as well.


    1) Can anyone recommend software can I use to create/burn a DVD that plays nicely in all these scenarios AND helps me create a nice menu interface for use during playback on the standalone player?

    2) Do I need to create a DVD that contains 2 versions of the video (one for playback on computers and one for playback on standalone DVD players?

    Any guidance appreciated

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