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    File Name Extension HELP ME!
    I'm trying to upload a video I trimmed and exported in iMovie '08 to a website for college. The site will only accept the video file if it is named exactly what they want it to be named ("MCS_Lesson_1_Clip_2"). Notice there is no ".m4v" or other file extension after this. When trying to upload, I get an error that says the file's name is not correct (there can be no spaces, periods, etc.), but it APPEARS to be correct.

    When right-clicking the file on my mac and clicking "get info" I notice there is a file extension in the name (.m4v). The extension was "hidden" but I thought it still might be the problem. When I delete the extention, I still cannot upload the file because it is grayed-out when seraching for it in the upload menu. If the extension is there but "hidden," it is not grayed-out, so I CAN choose it, but then get the error saying the file name is not correct. I'm thinking this hidden extension thing might be the problem, because other students uploaded their videos with success after deleting the extension in the file's name (using a PC). Any insight on hidden file extensions or advice from a "techie" would be great. My professor is baffled as well.

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