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    Unhappy Burn a Blu-Ray With Toast 11
    I dragged 3 movies into the Selection Box. I set the Blu-Ray Video Option.I selected Auto Play on Insert. I dragged in a picture for the Background and Gave the movie a Title. Then I burned the Blu-Ray. When I load the Blu-Ray into my external player the first movie DOES NOT automatically play. Rather I get a screen that merely shows the name my Blu-Ray disc. I DO NOT see the Splash Screen Menu. I DO NOT even see the name of the three movies that I burned. When I click on the Name that is showing the movie starts to play but no matter what menu buttons I press I cannot ever get to the Splash Screen Menu in order to be able to select other movies to play.

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    What type of movies are these - home or commercial? And what Mac as Blu-Ray has yet to be adopted by Apple?
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    It is a Home Movie. Toast 11 allows you to Burn Blu-Ray discs if you have their Plug-in. Unfortunately, I cannot get the Menu options to work. I can burn a Single movie but not multiple movies.

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    Unless we happen to have someone using Toast for that here, it may be a question better asked in their forums - link.
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    Since you didn't mention it -- do you in fact have a Blu-Ray BURNER that is supported by Toast?

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