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    Transfer movie from TV to Mac Pro
    I'm trying to transfer (copy) a 10 GB recorded movie from the PVR of a Metz TV to my Mac Pro.

    I have successfully loaded the files on the Mac desktop via a USB flash drive. This process split the movie into five files of under 2 GB each plus a .ts file. However, most of them show as 'Unix executable file', ie unrecognizable and without a file extension, although file sizes appear correct. I have not been able to view or open them.

    A screen shot of the Mac folder contents is attached.

    I would like to find out if it's possible to open, recombine and save the movie on the Mac, or if this is a Windows-only process.
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    Whenever OSX detects a file it cannot identify, it automatically makes it into a Unix Executable File.
    That doesn't mean that they are UNIX executables.
    If they were, you "open" them (run the program) by double-clicking on the icon for them.

    You could try opening a movie playback application and just drag the file in it.

    The .ts file however is a bit more dodgy.
    Try opening that with the standard DVD player on OSX, and if that doesn't work maybe Mpeg Streamclip, or Handbrake will work.
    You could try to convert it into a QuickTime movie then.

    Merging them together (whatever the outcome of the Unix Exe files maybe) will probably take a paid application, so asking yourself if it's all worth it would be in order.


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    Oct 13, 2012
    Thanks Sur3Mac.
    I have tried opening the 'Unix exe' files in several movie and video conversion applications, and there is nothing doing. When I double-click them, I get the 'no application set to open this file' message. I have opened the .ts file OK, but the main movie is in the unrecognizable files.
    I would be interested to know if there is any application (paid or not) that could deal with this on the Mac.

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    What is the specific model of the PVR? That can make a difference. I will look up the name of the program I am using. I downloaded it some time ago as part of the firewire SDK. The PVR has to be connected to my Mac via firewire. Is that possible for you?

    Be aware that even if we get the transfer to work copy protection will make it almost impossible for some files to be worked with after transfer.

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    Hi Slydude
    The 250 GB PVR is built into a Metz Linus HDTV. I haven't got any more technical data about it.
    Firewire is not an option as the TV only has a USB port. I have successfully ported the movie files to the Mac Pro via a USB flash drive, but the problem then is how to process them on the Mac. I'm sure there is no copy protection on the video files, as they are from a free-to-air broadcast.

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