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    can I download & edit video from a DVD?
    I have a new MacBook Pro and was given a homemade DVD by a friend who filmed video of various high school band events. I would like these hours of tape into a 10-minute sampler. Is it possible to download the video onto my laptop and then use iDVD or iMovie or some other software to edit it into a shorter film that I could then burn onto another DVD or post to youtube?

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    Sure thing. Handbrake (free) should be able to do this for you (may require installing the also-free VLC for its libraries; no big deal). This will convert the DVD's movies into MP4 files that iMovie (et al) can edit and iDVD (et al) can burn. If you post to YouTube, you can do that from iMovie directly.

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    I've also done this using MPEG Streamclip. You can find a How To describing the process at ATPM 12.03 - How To: Performing a Video Extraction. At the time I saved the clips in DV format because iMovie handled these files well. Current versions of iMovie will handle mp4 if I remember correctly.

    The thing that I like about MPEG Streamclip is that it has some very basic editing features right in the program,. You can trim the footage down to the clips that you want from inside the program. It is nowhere near as full-featured as iMovie but might be all you need.
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