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    Help me pleaseeeee
    I need help desperately. I have a low cost sony camcorder with a mini HDMI port. I need to live stream from the camcorder to my iMac desktop.
    I already purchased a cable and it doesn't seem to work. How do I capture the video a upload in a live stream.

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    Putting 'Help me pleaseeeee' in your subject isn't going to make people read your question any faster, in fact.. I was inclined to browse further, but curious as I am, I made an exception.

    - You cannot stream live video via HDMI, except when you have a MBP 17" using a Matrox device with an ExpressCard connector, but the 17" is the only one with the Express slot.

    - You can capture HDMI using an HDMI capture device like the BlackMagic Intensity, which is a PCI card but requires a Mac Pro.

    Therefor only way is to use a FireWire camera.


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