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    Final Cut X
    Hi All

    I need help. I am on final cut 6 at the moment. So i spoiled ,myself with the new MacBook Pro with retina display. So now final cut doesn't want to install because it is powerPC app. Is it worth it to download final cut pro x. And is it safe using the downloaded file?


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    Download the 30 day trial and see for yourself...The interface will be markedly different from what your used to...but once you adjust, I believe you will enjoy it's simplicity and sophistication.

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    Have FCPX on two Macs. Both downloaded no problems.

    Interface is different to FC-6. More like iMovie, but don't let that put you off.

    Have a look at Mac Break Studio for some excellent tutorials on FCPX

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    When FCP X first came out there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, but as was the case with iMovie before it, the grief largely died down once people got to grips with it and discovered, guess what, it's actually awesome. It's fair to say that growing third-party support for FCP X helped a lot with that like it always does.

    I'm amazed to hear video pros who two years ago were swearing they'd never buy Apple again now calling the SAME PROGRAM they cussed out "the gold standard of video editing" and talking about how all the other systems (Adobe, Avid, etc) are changing to be more like it. What a difference a few patches and plug-ins can make ...

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    Actually Final Cut 6/7 is NOT a PowerPC app. Mountain Lion supports it. Folks are having mixed results with running the installer in ML. But most find the installer runs just find.

    ML will run 32-bit apps just fine. Just not apps with 32-bit Kernel Extensions, which FCP 6/7 do not have. But they are not "PowerPC" apps at all. They are fully Intel apps.

    I highly recommend getting proper training for FCP X. has the most affordable and extensive training videos on the market. They have tons of free short written tutorials on their HUB section. Second best is Ripple Training. Everything else is garbage, IMHO.

    I'm running FCP X 10.0.5 (soon to be 10.0.6 we hope) on a 2008 Mac Pro, 2007 17" MBP, and a 15" rMBP. No problems on any of them.

    Word of warning: It's GPU and RAM hungry, so be sure your rMBP is maxed out on RAM, and has the largest SSD drive. You'll also need an external (secondary) drive for Events and Projects. Do not run them on the OS drive. FW800 (via adapter) or T'bolt (out performs Mac Pros) will do you just fine.

    But take a course in person or online and save yourself a ton of trial and error (mostly errors) and dispell the myths right up front. It's very, very worth the money and time.

    Tons of free user made plugins (and 99% are extreme pro quality) at on the Free Templates forum there.

    I'll never go back to FCP 7, I'll never go back to PPro, I'll never waste time on Avid MC. FCP X is all that, and more.
    Apple Certified Master Trainer

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    *Like* ^^^

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