Hi There,

I'm new to the forum, and looking for some advice on putting a Mac Pro system together for running CS6 and Davinci Resolve.

I work in publishing on a mac all day long, doing assembly edits in FCP 7, and so I'm not new to editing workflow. I'm now looking to develop my skills as a colourist. This is mainly for the projects I work on outside of work time (shorts, music vids etc).

However, I'm on a budget. I have put together a list of the kit I think I will need to start working with CS6 (PPro, AE, and PS), and Davinci Resolve – with reasonable rendering times. I'm no IT guy, and so I've probably made some errors in compatibility, or even just picked something when there's clearly a better option.

Here's my list, (not including any notes about monitors/peripheries) any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Mac Pro 3.1 (2008)
2 x 2.8GHz quad-cores
10GB Ram (8GB upgrade over standard)
1TB HDD 7200 (boot drive)
G-Raid 2 TB (Media drive)
Sata to eSata extender cable (for G-Raid to run at 220GB/s)
Nvidia GTX 570
BM Intensity Pro

*my estimate adds all of this up to roughly 1800 worth if the HDD, G-Raid, 8GB ram upgrade, GPU, and BM video card are all purchased new (online). That’s about the same price as the new MBP Retina!

Like I said, I may be missing something crucial, or there may be a better option. For example, I’ve seen ebay sellers offering the GTX 470 + GT 120 video cards as a package that’s cheaper than the GTX 570 on it’s own.

Am I mental, or would this work, with fairly decent render times?

Thanks in advance.