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    Getting from .wmv to a playable DVD
    I am tearing my hair out. I have spent hours on both my Mac and my PC trying to get a DVD player playable DVD produced from a wmv file. My first problem is converting the wmv to another format that iMovie or a file burner can read. Every conversion program I have tried DISTORTS the video images by stretching them in the vertical dimension by a factor of 1/3 or more. I have tried 16:9 and 4:3 and clipping options and nothing seems to change the outcome.

    The second problem is getting a DVD disk burned that will play on an older Sony player. But I'll save that problem for the next set of posts. Anybody got any advice about how to get rid of this conversion distortion?? I have tried 4 or 5 different conversion programs on both the Mac and the PC and they all do the same thing. When I play the .wmv file with the Windows Media Player it looks fine. Is there something about the Windows player that is fixing the distortion during the playback???

    This may be the wrong forum. If so, help in finding the correct forum would be appreciated.

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    Your post is kind of old so you probably already found a solution or gave up. If you are still reading this thread then I'd start with Toast which is kind of the swiss army knife of video on the mac. Seems like it can convert just about anything to dvd. If it can't handle wmv then I would suggest handbrake or go way back in time and find a copy of VisualHub which I've found works well with wmv files.

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