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    Home DVD creation??
    Hi all,

    We are looking for a simple to use DVD creation program with the ability to create menu's, auto play etc. We have tried iDVD but we can't get it to easily auto play the chapters. We also have Roxio Toast but this does not have a built in preview, so when wanting to see what the DVD is going to look like we have to create an image, which takes ages.

    So, does anybody know of anything?

    Thanks in advance.

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    have not used iDVD in a while. Give post #2 in this thread a try.
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    If you want the movie to autoplay when you insert the disc (ie no menu, etc) in iDVD, here you go:

    iDVD '08: Creating an autoplay DVD

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    What are you using to edit your movies and send them to iDVD?

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