I am currently using eyeTv to get movies I want to keep into my 24" iMac. So far all I had to do was open eyeTv export as 422 Pro Res HQ open in Final cut pro X, strip out the commercials, burn to blu ray disc, stick it in my blu ray player and everything worked just fine. Well recently my blu ray burner conked out on me. So until I can afford a replacement I have to come up with an alternative. What I am trying to do is burn avchd discs since the bit rates are lower and a 45 minute recording (after the commercials were removed) should fit on a dvd. Here is where it gets weird.
The max bit rage for avchd is 15. If you point final cut pro x at a standard dvd burner via share, it defaults to what should be a bit rate correct or avchd. This caused me to get error messages that said the bit rate was beyond the max allowed. (I believe but don't know for sure that final cut pro x uses a max bit rate of 17 when trying to burn avchd)
If I send the video to compressor I can lower the bit rate to a max of 15 and and average of 13 and everything should work. What I would like to do is be able to cause final cut to default to a max bit rate of 15 when I use the share function and select my regular dvd burner until I can replace my blu ray burner. Is there a way to get final cut pro x to default to a custom compressor setting when trying to burn a disc?
Sorry for the long winded question, and thanks in advance.