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    Angry iMovie to iDVD... background music fail
    I'm new to this forum, I joined because I have a question about iMovie 9 and iDVD 9. I am converting my mom's old 8mm home movies to video and I added background music to the video by dragging and dropping mp3s from iTunes into iMovie. I have all the music chosen and when I go to export to iDVD to burn it to a DVD my music doesn't play. How can I get this working? iDVD seemed to have burn two DVDs on me now, the first one I did over night, woke up with the disc ejected. Inserted another disc, now I have two DVDs with no music. I'm irritated, because I don't know what went wrong. Can any of you guys help?

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    Buy the tracks from the iTunes Music Store and try again.

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    Does the music play when you preview your project in iDVD? If it does, try saving from iDVD as a disc image, then burn that to a dvd using Disk Utility.

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