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Thread: Making DVD from AE .MOV file? NEED HELP!

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    Making DVD from AE .MOV file? NEED HELP!
    Hey all! New here as of today. After a couple of weeks of trying and trying and searching the web without result, I thougt to myself... let's see if someone else can solve this. Sooo, here is my problem.

    I have a .MOV file made in Adobe After Effects and when I make a DVD of that file in Toast titanium 7 it ALWAYS comes out REALY blurry =(

    I cant understand why. I have tried to make all the settings to best quallity and so on but get no results! What am I doin' wrong?? If I need to be more specific please just let me know... sense I desperatly need to get some kind of closer on this matter!

    Thanks in advande :dive:

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    OK. Maby I was being a little unclear on what the problem is and so on. So I'll try and be as specific as possible.

    I am currently rendering a movie (approx. 1min 50sec long) from Adobe After Effects. My rendering settings are animation quick time (All on highest settings). Then when I have my .MOV file I either convert it into a MPEG2 file using FFMpegX or just drag and drop it to Toast Titanium 7 (Movie/DVD tab. With all settings to "best" output, progresive, NTSC and so on).

    The problem is that everytime the movie comes out blurry. It's not like you can't see ANYTHING. But sense some of the things in the AE movie were from .PNG file (And crystal clear/Sharp) they come out GREAT in the .MOV file. But as soon as i turns into MPEG2 it just becomes blurry (for example, I have some numbers on some of the graphics. And you can see them clearly on the .MOV file but not on the MPEG2 files).

    What am I doing wrong?? Have I missed something? I'm a little bit new to making High Quality DVD's so any tipps would be greatly appriciated! What I'm looking for is to make a sharp/crystal clear (proffesional) DVD.

    Thanks for any help. =)

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    So does the rendered movie from quicktime look good????
    If it does, you need to look into the conversion settings your using,
    from AE, go to export> movie> and click on settings, from the drop down menu select which format you want it to be, and then adjust the audio and video settings to best (this is going from PC version of AE, I'll check it on my mac later when I have it installed).

    Also the PC version has an "export to DVD option" where it'll burn right to the DVD, not good if your wanting to author chapters or other navigation, but works if your just spitting out the movie itself.

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    Ooooh thank you for an answer... finaly =) I feel like i'm walking in the dark here neye:

    Anyway. I'm using a mac version of AE (# 6.5 PRO). I render the movie thrue "make movie" option (render option) and not export.

    I'll try export, but i've tried it before and haven't gotten any better results =(
    What should i use when i export?? I dont have MPEG2 as an option! I only have things like SWF, AVI, AVI DivX, MPEG-4

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    AVI and MPEG-4 will have the best {read not as noticeable} compression.

    SWF is Shockwave flash
    AVI is mostly an MS file, but Quicktime can import, and with the correct codecs play them without importing
    AVI Divx, same as above except with Divx encoding, a renctly popular format, making a very compressed file to allow ease of transfer.
    MPEG-4 IMHO comparable to quicktime as far as compression etc, should be compatible with most programs, windows and mac.

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    OK. But i dont want to compress it at all. What is most important is the qulity, NOT the size.

    But when i make any file and convert it to MPEG2 it still just becomes blurryer than the original file. Why is that?? :dummy:

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    why do you want to make it MPEG2??? That is a file type that was mainly developed for the web. The blurryness is either coming from the codec used, or the software.

    How are you converting it to mpeg2??

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    I am using ffMpegX. I just drag the file into the "source" box and then I choose MPEG-TS in output (which gives me an MPEG2). I didn't know that MPEG2 was used for internet. Is MPEG1 what is used in "High-End" DVDs? Or how do they get those realy clear and sharp movies?

    Interested video, codex, graphix n00b :miner:

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    Is there any reason you can't just burn the mov file to the DVD???

    I do alot of broadcast/ Live entertainment video. I mostly use mov files, If I deal with MS crap I use AVI.

    HighEnd DVDs could be built from a high variety of different formats, AVid's native, Finalcut native etc. I usually usee Uncompressed Quicktime, when compressing is needed I'll fall back to sorenson-3 or motion Jpeg

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    cant you bring .mov files into imove, aand then to idvd, or even straight to idvd and then make the dvd from there??? i believe you wont lose any quality that way
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    i dont remember

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