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    Duplicating parts of audio in iMovie
    Newbie to iMovie here... There's a song I'm using that has a very distinct (but short) instrumental intro that I'm trying to copy and play twice - like a riff. I tried to place the song audio clip in the beginning, cut it so it would only play intro and then placed the same clip right after. This way the intro plays once then the entire song starts again with the same intro effectively creating the riff that I want.

    However, there's a problem I can't figure out how to fix. When the first audio clip plays, even though it is edited precisely just to include the intro it still plays about 0.3 seconds of the song's beginning overlapping the next audio clip. I tried positioning audio clips with a little gap between them but then it creates a silent gap in audio. It seems that I can't really put these two intros together seamlessly. Is there a way to do it in iMovie or do I have to use some other audio editing software?

    I would appreciate your help.

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    Are you using the Precision Editor tool?

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    Yes, I am.

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    I would suggest editing the song in Garage Band, and just keep the bit that you want.

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