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    Imovie 11 Plug-Ins
    Using Lion om my macbook pro and would like to look for more plug-ins for imovie 11. Looking for the usual transitions, titles, special effects, audio including music. Anybody have some good recommendations?

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    I don't think there is any such thing as plug-ins for iMovie 11. I remember there were lots for iMovie 6 HD (and earlier), but most were INCREDIBLY cheesy and dumb.

    There's a pretty cool iOS app that can take footage and insert some seriously impressive explosions (et al) in, which you can then put in iMovie 11 ... and there's tons of stock music services out there. Be respectful of copyright.

    There's a huge plug-in market for FCP, however, so maybe this is a sign that you're ready to step up your game!

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    Running 10.7 The camera does capture at 60fps, but iMovie outputs 30fps. That's not a problem though, I can take iMovie and export the H.264 file to a usb stick and plug it into the PS3 and it plays great, no pixelation at all. Looks just like it does if I hook the camera straight up to the TV. It's got to be something that Toast is doing when it converts the H.264 file, that's all I can think of.

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    These forums are chock full of non-sequiturs. It's very amusing.
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    Yeah if you like and use iMovie a lot and want more…get FCP. It is very, very capable. It operates conceptually and visually very much like iMovie. There are great books and YouTubes for it. The price is reasonable considering that it is truly pro-grade. And there are lots of plugins and associated programs.

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