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    HDV to DVD
    I have a HDR-FX7 camcorder and I am going to be filming sporting events. I want to be able to record it live to my MBP, and then create a dvd which I could put into a duplicator. I want to be able to sell the dvds right after the game so speed is a major issue. Currently I can live record it through Final Cut Pro, but the time it takes to export the footage is way too slow. Does somebody know better software or a faster way?

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    The camcorder produces DV which is converted into DVD format (VOB) by Final Cut. Yep, that takes (a lot of) time. As far as I know, only dedicated, expensive hardware can convert to DVD quickly/directly.
    Alternatively, a DVD camcorder could be of help. Take a look at Camcorders Configurator

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