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    Question DVD to Divx
    Wondering if anyone on here would happen to know if there is any type of program that would convert dvd movies into a divx file. I've searched on but couldnt find anything there. I might not be choosing the best codec to use perhaps someone might know a better one like mpeg4 or avi or asf err whatever. i basically want to get the Video_TS folder to be in one movie file thats smaller than 4.7 gigs ?

    Thanks in advance

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    i have the same problem. i downloaded the mac the ripper software that someone recommended. but i dont know if it has divx conversion.

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    i found this excellant program called handbrake. only trouble is subtitles are not supported until the next release.

    i highly recommend this for playback -

    if anyone has a tip for dvd to divx inclucing subs please let me know

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