A couple of questions. I have an iBook, and a Desktop running Linux.

1) Is a hard drive image of a DVD called an .iso like the image for CDs?

2) I wish to make a little DVD with iDVD and iMovie of little movie clips of my friends on holiday. I have just bought my 12" iBook (love it) so it's the latest verison and lets you create a .dmg file of the dvd on your hard drive.

my iBook doesn't have a DVD writer and I would rather buy one for my desktop than an external one for my iBook as they are a lot cheaper.

If i get a dvd writer for my desktop, can i burn DVDs using the .dmg format or would I have to convert them to .iso or .cdr formats? would they work? (I know that with Disk Utility you can convert .dmg's to .cdrs. Are they the same as .iso's?

Sorry for the ramble. I will be using K3B on linux or nero if I really have too on windows.