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    slot imac700 with external DVD
    Question DVD editing on iMac 700 without superdrive
    Hope someone can point me in the right direction. I have an imac 700 with slot in cd-rw and an external dvd drive (firewire) that can read and burn and have a 256 mb sdram and loads of hd memory available(55Gb). I have toast titanium and Popcorn. I have recorded some films to dvd-rw(finalalised) from the tv but wish to edit them to cut out the few minutes at the start and the commercials and re-burn them back onto dvd-r. Here's the big question....since I dont have a superdrive I cannot get macs own dvd authoring to there another application that will work on this mac.
    Any pointers will be appreciated.
    Geoff Coulson

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    iMovie, 55gb hd is not a lot of space, i got an iMac g5 with 250 gb and first day i was editing, i used 45 gb
    Mac Pro (Early 2009) 8 Core 2.26 GHz, 6 GB Ram, 640 GB Drive. Dell 2408WFP.

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