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Thread: Importing .img into iMovie

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    Importing .img into iMovie
    I have an iMac running OSX 10.6.(whatever the latest Snow Leopard is at). I am transferring old 8mm video of the kids to the iMac so I can edit in iMovie. I am doing so by recording from my old 8mm Canon Video to a Sharp DVD recording deck using DVD-RW disks. I then transfer the DVD image to an .img file using the disk utility on the iMac. Then I import the .img to iMovie by first double clicking on the file which mounts it as a drive on the desktop. I go into iMovie and use the camera capture to import. This works beautifully except iMovie is dropping from 10 to 20 minutes of the DVD img upon the import. To test the theory I went through each chapter on the DVD and compared to the chapters in the camera capture window and sure enough some footage is missing. However the DVD image I created is fine. I burned the .img to a new DVD-R using the disk utility and the disk is exactly like the original. Finally my question: Does any one know why iMovie is short changing me on some footage? Thanks...

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    What format is the footage in REALLY?

    "img" is a disk image, so that's no help to us at all. The file that is ON the disk image is what we're interested in. If you can open the file in QuickTime player you can tell us what video and audio codec was used, and also see if you notice any "missing" footage there.

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