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    Compressing movie files?

    I am fairly new to Mac and just transferred a video file from my video camera. However, the video is only 10 seconds long and turns out to be 45mb!.

    I have done a quick search, does anybody know how you compressed the files, particularly in MOV. format?


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    From iMovie, if you choose File >Share... and click on the QuickTime tab, you should see a list of compression choices. If you select "Expert Settings" you can specify the codec, pixel size, and audio settings of the exported MOV.

    H.264 and MPEG-4 are some of the most advanced codecs for a QuickTime (MOV) movie.

    (You can import any QuickTime-supported file into iMovie if its not already there.)

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    Many thanks.

    Finally manage to do it. I am so pleased with my new Mac!

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