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    Anyone have some good Tutorial sites for a new FCPX user?
    I have been using Sony's Vegas Pro for the last 2 years. It works well enough, but is one of 2 programs that is holding me back from getting Bootcamp off my MBP. I have a Sony HD cam that shoots 1080i M2TS files. I realize that all my existing video, while easily enough imported into Vegas, will need to be recoded for FCP. This is not my question, however, as all those videos are processed already. I picked up the latest Final Cut Pro X last night as an x-mas present to myself.

    I am looking for some tutorials on how to get in and work with FCP. Stuff like replacing audio, transitions, the like. Again, I am not unfamiliar with working with video production applications, just need the basics to cut the learning curve out.

    Now, if I can just find a good replacement for DVDFab Pro.
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    Give Izzy video a whirl....

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    You could try

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    I second, the tutorial videos i've seen cover the basics really well.

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    There's a couple of demo videos on the Final Cut Pro web page at Apple.

    Also expect the program to offer a fairly massive update in the spring.

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