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    Question Free teleprompter software required
    Morning all (I'm in the uk )

    I am in the process of making some videos for my company. I have made a few already, but need to step things up a notch and use a teleprompter.

    I have just upgraded to osx lion, so it has to be compatible with this as well.

    I would really appreciate your help on this one.

    As an aside I am a complete novice and am really slow at learning how to use my mac lol.

    Thanks for any help or advice you have.



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    There are some apps in the App Store at Apple. Have you looked into those? Not free, but nearly: Prompster Pro
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    Thank you for your help. I will look into it now :-)

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    Which one?
    I used iMovie scrolling credits as a free teleprompter. May work for you as well.

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    Thanks Jimbo,

    No go on the app store as they won't work on a macbook pro :-/

    i movie will be the next trial!



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    What do you mean by "won't work on a MacBook Pro" exactly?

    I'm unaware of ANY app on the Mac App Store that won't work on a MacBook Pro.

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    Look in the Mac App Store, not the iOS App Store.

    Prompster is an iPad app.

    The Mac App Store shows Teleprompter and VideoCue when I search for Prompster. Search for the word teleprompt, and you get two other options.
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    Cool Wrong 'App Store' (there are two!)
    Quote Originally Posted by Stuartlawrence View Post
    Thanks Jimbo,
    No go on the app store as they won't work on a macbook pro :-/
    i movie will be the next trial!
    Hi Stuart,
    they meant the 'desktop' App Store, not the version on your iPad/iPhone.

    They're stupidly named as they serve two distinct purposes!

    If you're running Snow Leopard or greater, you have the desktop App Store built in ;-)
    More info here:
    Apple - OS X Mountain Lion - Apps


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