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    6 & 1/2 hours to burn dvd
    i have a 4.5 GB movie i burned to disk, it took 6 & 1/2 hours using Xillitsoft DVD Creator set at highest to a 8.5 GB dual layer dvd. im on a mac pro, older one 2007, is this normal ?

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    iSkySoft, Xiisoft, Whattheheckasoft, Neverheardayasoft, etc are all variations on the same garbage software, rebranded by shady Chinese outfits that advertise it via spam and buying up domain names and using SEO tactics to steer search traffic to them.

    The software itself is typically garbage, and is just an engine that is consistent across the board with numerous different UIs pasted on top of it. It's not surprising that it doesn't work particularly well.

    If this is something you need to do frequently, I would consider buying something like Toast.

    And sorry to say it, but I would also cancel that credit card you used to pay for Xillitsoft as I'd be willing to bet it's a sham outfit and your number has likely been sold off.
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    i have toast 11 with blu-ray add on, ill give it a try.

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    that blows
    my Mac can fly

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