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    Final Cut Pro questions
    I have some footage of a sunset that I want to fast forward and reverse to use as a transition in a project I'm working on with Final Cut Pro. Does anybody know how to manipulate the footage like that? So for example, the sun would go up and back down again. I've looked through Final Cut Pro but can't seem to find anything. Any help would be appreciated


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    You've got this posted in the wrong topic - you may want to request to have it moved to the movies and videos topic.

    You'll want to specify which version of FCP you're using because the process may be different between FCP6/7 and FCPX. In FCP6/7 you can just set the clip to play in reverse (I haven't had a huge need for it, if I recall correctly, it's available via a right click menu for the clip on the timeline and selecting change speed)
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