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    Video chat with iChat
    hey hey, hows everyone doing?? Well, me and my girlfriend have been doing video chat via iChat and wanted to know how do we increase the FPS?? She has a 14" ibook bought last spring with 512 MB RAM. She is at college and tested out the speed and it is insane. I am using a 17" PB with 1.5 GB RAM on a comacst connection. My download speed is no problem and my uploda speeds is around 300-400 kbps. When I look at the connection doctor in iChat it says that we are only using 150-200 kbps of bandwidth. We are much capable of handling more so why am i not taking advantage of the bandwidth available to us? The video looks fine but i know it could be better.

    Just wanna know if this is a common thing or is there something else i can do. Thanks
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    Make sure in iChat preferences you don't have a bandwidth limit set up. Otherwise there is nothing you can do on your computers, it is all an issue of ISP uploading speed.

    I get like 350kbps up when I chat with my family back home
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