Hello there helpful folks,

I am helping a non profit org do a video project and the shooting and editing are done but my darn computer is not rendering out the finished project appropriately! I really want to help these folks and the current problem is way above my skill level.

I am rendering out a video project on FCE 4 on my macbook 13" 4 gigs memory 2.36ghz processor purchased in October 2009. I am editing in AIC in a 1440X1080 project size. It is a long project and I am exporting out 15 min at a time sequences, unless I am testing export settings...then I export out 3 sec sequences. For the first few months everything exported out fine. I rendered out using AIC in a variety of sizes with no problems. Recently however when I export out sequences the photos in the project will have full color in the first frame and then drop in saturation or opacity for the whole move of the photo until the last frame. It looks like a flash.

Now I have tried rendering the project out in 100+ different ways with different settings with no luck. Every once in a while I will get a export setting to work, but it will be a fluke and the next time it will still glitch with the same settings which just worked...which leads me to believe that it may be a problem with my computer because the exported project should not just change if the settings are kept the same, correct, verdad?

Anyway this is very frustrating and I need help stat because I work another 50 hour a week job and just want to help these folks finish. Any help you could offer would be amazing.


Frustrated novice