Hey Everyone!
This is my first post. Im not too tech savvy but hopefully I can also answer posts from other users. I'm a new mac user and loving it! So to get to it, this is my problem:

im a student, and I have lectures available on mediasite. The problem is, that our school will not let us view these off campus and it would be really nice to be able to record these lectures. Im gonna post a sample link to one of the lectures (im hoping this is legal ) I can open this in the network source of VLC and get it to play. Using the saving features of VLC does not work, however, so it still is only a stream. Furthermore, this is really only part of the lectures from mediasite - the video recorded part. The slides and other media the professor uses I dont know how to get. I was thinking handbrake or maybe a paid program might be able to help me - but I would need some howto's and steps/ program names if anyone would be so kind.

Link: Lecture

I really appreciate everyone's help!!!!!

PS - this is unrelated but how come silverlight does not have all the functionality when played in mac as opposed to PC? There are plugins for firefox on pcs but not for mac which is weird. Internet explorer though works perfectly on pc and gives you the added features I cant get, such as increasing the speed of the lecture.

Again thank you everyone!

EDIT: I reread my post and I think the caffeine withdraw made it a bit confusing. Just to clearify:

1. Knowing that the link works in the vlc network source, and VLC will not save it - is there any other programs that I can paste that link (or similar ones) into and have it record it into a video format for me and save it to my computer?

2. Mediasite help:
1. Is there a way to get the "increase speed" functionality to use in a native mac browser?

2. Does anyone know how to get the full links of mediasite (with silverlight) from the web-browser mediasite is streamed in (IE the video as well as slides/supplemental video)?

Thank you all again, and know that I really really appreciate your advice on this. I know a lot of people at my college have the same question (im sure other mediasite users as well), and I could not find a web article about this.