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    Please forgive me: AVI to DVD help
    Hello all,
    Thank you for taking the time to read yet another one of these posts. I apologize upfront for asking the same questuions again, but I am having a terrible time. After 3 months with my new mac laptop, never had one before, I have had to learn so much my brain is fried. I have given up trying to figure this out and come to you as a last resort. In the past month I have read hundreds of forum posts and message board tutorials all sending me in different directions. I think what I need is a simple and personal walk through to help me figure this out. I have followed countless directions downloading apps, codecs, converters, plugins the works, and have had very little success. All I want to do is make a playable DVD copy of 2 AVI files (One full movie, part 1 and 2) and have the following tools:

    Toast 6
    FFMpegX (With mpeg2enc, mplayer and mencoder)
    Divx Doctor 2
    Xvid codec
    AC3 codec
    mAC3dec 1.6.3
    DVD2Onex 1.4.2
    3IVX D4 4.5.1

    please help, I have tried and tried and come up with an infinite assortment of coasters and dead ends

    Thanks again

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    you should be able to use toast 6 to do this under the video tab.

    you can also use ffmpegx to convert from avi to dvd format.

    check this out:

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