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Thread: Tape skip?

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    Tape skip?
    Hi guys

    I shot a wedding for a friend of mine, and as im importing ive noticed the import always breaks at a particular time. (around 07:35 timecode). FCP's import window says its "searching for media" and it will then pick up on it about a second later.

    the same thing is happening if i watch the tape, the footage kinda jams for a second and then continues.

    Even though its only a second thats lost, its right in the middle of the vows.

    Anyone experienced or heard of anything similar before? and have any ideas how to maybe get that second back, or is it just not there and therefor unobtainable?

    I shot on a Sony V1 1080i (50fps) onto DV tape
    im using fcp 4.5 to import it on a macbook Pro.

    Thanks for any help in advance guys.

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    Hi Kyle,
    that usually happens when you have a timecode brake.
    Try this:
    Log and capture>Capture settings>Device control - set it to "non controlable device"
    You the have to manually press play on your camcorder and capture on the fly (with the "now" button).
    Hope this helps.
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    Aug 01, 2009

    thanks for the reply. On my capture settings tab i dont have the device control option. strange.

    i had a go with i movie and strangely, it pulled more from the tape than fcp did. I managed to paly the tape in super slow motion too and it cuts to blue for a second after the skip, so it looks like the footage isnt even on the tape.

    thanks anyway

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