I'm thinking of getting FCP and taking advantage of the fact that it'll natively import AVCHD footage instead of how iMovie modifies the format to Apple's own proprietary format. I'm thinking by letting FCP keep it in it's native AVCHD format, the quality shouldn't be degraded. Then I can share the edited footage with FCP because it can burn to blu-ray. This is where my question comes in. I'm looking into the two following ext blu-ray writers from Lacie and would like to know if anybody has had any experience with either of them? I did a search and it seems that nobody has had any experience with these two particular writers let alone Lacie in general (when searching under Lacie).

LaCie - LaCie Slim Blu-ray

LaCie - LaCie d2 Blu-ray 12x

I would appreciate any feedback on either of these two products or any suggestions or comments on my plan for the ext blu-ray writer. Thanks.