I've burned a total of 5 DVDs from older 8mm camcorder video with great success. I've been loving the new world of Mac.

I was at my mother-in-laws the other day and from conversation learned she had an old VCR tape of her mother being presented with a Woman-of-the-Year award. That recording is very precious to her, since her mother died shortly after.

The video of it is in bad shape. I'm not sure of the cause (probably age) but the bright lighting from the spot light turns the speaker's face, and any lighted object, red. At this point, I could simply bur the video to DVD and my Mother-in-law would be most grateful; however, I would really like to try to remove as much of that awful red as I can. The total video length is 17 minutes. So I'm not talking about an entire tape.

I don't own any video software--other than the I products that shipped with my new IMac (i.e. Imovie, IDVD, etc).

Is it possible to go to the local Mac store here in Colorado, with a DVD in hand, and use one of their machines for a few minutes to use Final Cut pro to clean up the coloring? I don't really have a need to buy Final Cut, since IMovie does all my other movies just fine.

What do you guys think? I wish Final Cut had a demo download, since I really only need to clean one video (17 min.).