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    Transitions for Imovie
    Hi all Mac friends
    I have an Imac OS X version 10.6.8 with Imovie 11 version 9.0.2. (1099) and like a lot to make movies out of all the old holiday videos, but the number of transitions following the above mentioned Imovie version are not that big, and I would like to know where it might be possible to get some more interesting transitions. Freeware would be number one !!! but off course also others.

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    I don't believe it is possible to use third party plug-ins for iMovie 11...aside from getting another very creative with what you have...

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    There's a reason for this: lots of different transitions are distracting and annoying. It's your CONTENT that's supposed to be the interest point, not what's in-between the content.

    Cross dissolve or fade-out/fade-in are your best friends and should be basically the only tools you need for a typical video's transitions. On *RARE* occasions a different one might be appropriate but basically adding lots of different transitions is like trying to think of synonyms for "the" in an essay.

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