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    MacBook Pro connection to older TV for Video Looping (NO SOUND REQUIRED)
    I am showing some work and am trying to figure out how to connect my macbook pro to an older small tv (a little one that only has a vhs player in it). I am trying to loop a soundless video and after some research on the internet I'm not sure this is possible. Install is tomorrow and I'm not sure if I'm going to end up needing to find a hd tv (note, this would kind of kill the vibe the gallery space is going for). I'm normally wayyyyy more analog so I'm sorry if this question seems out of place or if I posted in the wrong forum. Any help would be appreciated, wether it be what cords I should buy and test or if I should just scrap the original plan.

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    There can be no specific recommendations without providing: 1) what Mac you have (providing the port would not be sufficient for this one) and 2) either the make and model of the TV or what port you want to connect to.

    You should see the following thread:

    Am guessing you want to connect to an older analog connection - you could take a look at posts # 7 & 15.

    If you don't know the names of the ports on the TV, see post # 4 to identify them.
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