I have iMovie 09' version 8.0.6. I haven't upgraded because you have to pay for that and iMovie has everything I need for my game videos and reviews.

I recently imported 3 hours of footage into iMovie. Normally, I just copy the files when importing, but I decided to just move them this time. Problem is, the clips that imported have no sound and can't be put into my project. This has happened a few times before but I always just imported the files again. Problem is, since I decided to just move them over this time, there are no raw files to reimport. I need someone to tell me how to fix this problem. The file format is .mov, but that can't be the issue since it's the format I always use. I don't want to lose 3 hours of footage. Someone please help.

I tried to look on various Apple forums but found nothing. I've also tried closing and reopening iMovie and restarted the computer. Neither worked.